Major Updates

Dear users,
we are more than happy to announce and present you our latest features made in the last month. We did our best to cover all major functions for you to use our service with better results and better insight.

Here is exactly which features were implanted:
- The most important of all of them is by far Analytics where you can track all your Downloads, Sales and of course referrals stats in different time frames.

- Next is Affiliate option where we decided to give you 30% from every purchase your referrals make and an option to earn some extra money on the side for promoting your files. However we didn't make only those two features. We believe that referrals activity should be rewarded and therefore if you are promoting your files and get some referrals along the way, you will be earning 5% daily from all your referrals activity.

- The last very nice feature we've implanted is Twitter. This feature can be of high importance because everyone who has twitter account and share its content through social sites can now save a lot of time. Also we must not forget to mention Twitter's relationship with Facebook. If you didn’t know you will be aware of this option now. Twitter has now for quite some time option to link your Facebook account to your Twitter account. Meaning. Sharing your files by enabling Twitter option in My Account area will post your uploaded files links to Twitter and also to Facebook. That’s how you will be able to reach higher audience without a single click.

We would also like to inform you that more improvements are on the way.

Please don't forget to read our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Thank you

Regards, Team

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